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Top Medical Schools

Medical School Rankings

We think it is important to state that, like all other rankings, these are inherently subjective. Furthermore, the 25 schools we have listed here (not unintentionally in alphabetical order) may not be the top 25 schools for you given your needs and interests.

Does it Matter Where You Go for Medical School?

This answer is both yes and no. No, it does not matter in the sense that you will still be a licensed M.D. Yes, it does matter as the more prestigious the school, the better your chances of getting a top-choice residency and having a better network to utilize for your post medical school endeavors. Johns Hopkins points out that over 90% of their graduates get one of their top 3 residency choices on Match Day. Duke University reports that 82% of their graduates landed one of their top 3 residency choices. These are impressive statistics indeed!

Medical School Admission's Top 25 Medical Schools

Medical School 2000 MCAT
NIH Research
Grants (Mill)
Boston University 9.8 $130.2 2.1%
University of California - Los Angeles 10.6 $225.4 3.8%
University of California - San Francisco 11.4 $243.0 5.0%
Case Western Reserve University 10.9 $156.8 6.0%
University of Chicago (Pritzker) 10.6 $108.2 7.3%
Columbia University 11.7 $237.6 9.8%
Cornell University (Weill) 11.0 $153.5 3.5%
Dartmouth Medical College 10.4 $39.1 4.5%
Duke University 11.6 $164.7 4.5%
Emory University 10.4 $106.4 4.7%
Harvard Medical School 11.1 $676.8 5.1%
Johns Hopkins University 11.2 $314.8 5.0%
Mayo Medical School 11.3 $94.5 2.6%
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 11.1 $200.4 7.3%
Mount Sinai School of Medicine 10.7 $116.0 6.1%
New York University 11.0 $105.4 12.3%
Northwestern University 10.9 $131.0 9.8%
University of Pennsylvania 11.7 $328.5 5.2%
University of Pittsburgh 10.5 $185.2 8.1%
Stanford University 11.1 $187.0 3.3%
Vanderbilt University 11.1 $108.8 8.9%
University of Virginia 10.6 $78.7 8.8%
University of Washington 10.4 $316.7 7.3%
Washington University (St. Louis) 12.0 $251.3 9.9%
Yale University 11.1 $216.9 6.0%

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